Thapki Pyaar Ki 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tina comes towards Bani and asks her to slap her as she isn’t a good sister. Bani was about to sacrifice her life for her and she couldn’t give up on her love. She cries apologizing Bani. The sisters hug. Tina apologizes Samar as well. She asks Samar not to let Bani apart her, she is accepted the reality today. Samar says he wants to make Bani as his, at her will only. He kneels in front of her with his arms open and asks her to be his life partner. Bani says yes, both hug each other. Munna cheerfully says Bani has won this game of life as well. Tina now apologizes Munna for not being able to see his happiness. Munna says its alright. Tina asks Munna if he would keep her happy forever and be hers for a lifetime? Munna says no, she has already dumbed him; he will do what his heart says and his

heart tells him it only belongs to Tina! The couples cheer. They hear Vasundra shouting at someone to get out.

Vasundra brings Aryan to the hall, the family had gathered around. Vasundra says this isn’t Bihaan, this is Aryan Khanna! Vasundra asks Thapki if she is telling the truth or not. Aryan forbids the family not to hold Thapki responsible for it. Vasundra asks Samar to call the police, they will punish him. Panday ji goes to bring his gun and says he would punish him. He holds a gun towards Aryan and cries that Aryan has again killed them with the pain of Bihaan’s death. Munna comes between Panday ji and Aryan. He tells everyone this is his real elder brother. Tina asks if he was also involved. Munna says he had recognized Aryan on the first day, he came here for Munna. He was watching Aryan change here, the Aryan who even forgot his mother after his work was taking care of everyone. He requests them to punish Munna, he got his brother after many years and can’t lose him. Aryan places a hand over his shoulder and hug him.
Vasundra says Thapki brought this Aryan Khanna here. Thapki apologizes them and explains she had to do this for her family and her children. Vasundra slaps Thapki forbidding her to blame her family and children anymore. She was about to hold another hand over Thapki, Bani holds her hand in the mid-air. She says Thapki is right, it’s all her mistake. Thapki tells her to stay silent. Bani says her promise kept her silent till date, but today she can only see her tears and disgrace. She tells the family why Thapki brought Aryan Khanna here, for her and for Tina; she always knew he is Aryan and he always supported them. He got her mother daughter relationship back, he kept their family connected. She asks Vasundra and Panday ji if they couldn’t find Bihaan in him, if Tina couldn’t find a father in him. Tina agrees whatever Thapki did was for their happiness but what about their weddings. Bani says Thapki had been kidnapped by Kosi at the time of their wedding, only she and Aryan know about it. She tells Tina that she trusted Kosi and Kosi used her as a toy, she has tried her level best till date to improve her mistake. Tina also accepts her mistakes and comes to apologize Thapki. Thapki says she is alive only for them two and hug her daughters.
Aryan turns to leave. Munna asks where he is going. Aryan says his intentions have been accomplished, he got his brother and happiness to family. He advices Munna to take care of Tina. He apologizes for any of the mistakes if he has committed. Vasundra calls Bihaan from behind, Aryan turns to reply yes. Vasundra asks why he stopped when she called him Bihaan, why he called her mother. She says not from face, but from soul as well he is her Bihaan. This is the reason she never doubt him, would he leave her again so easily. Vasundra says for her and for their family he is Bihaan. She tells Thapki that Aryan truly loves her, he has truth in his family; and the one true to his family can never wrong anyone. Thapki says she can’t love anyone but Bihaan. Vasundra says this is Bihaan, Bihaan has sent him here. Everyone insist on Thapki to accept Aryan. Vasundra takes both Aryan and Thapki towards the temple. She says Thapki has fulfilled all her responsibilities as a daughter in law of the house, Aryan assures Thapki is his responsibility now. Thapki was confused, she envisions Bihaan nodding towards her with a thumbs up. She finally nods as well. The family cheers. Vasundra comes to fill Thapki’s hairline with sindoor. Munna asks for a selfie. Thapki says not for her but for them all.

In the end, Aryan and Thapki say together that Thapki is and will always be Thapki Pyaar Ki

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