Join us for 3 days to rejuvenate and revamp your inner & outer with Yoga Retreat at Bir & Billing in Himachal PradeshBILLING is Asia’s top PARAGLIDING avenues so to have adventure, fun mixed with Yoga to balance both extremes of fun and meditation. Retire from the routine & come along with Fitness Rockers team to discover the importance of Asanas, Breathing exercises and Spiritual exploration with Pranayama and yoga nidra through yoga. Enhance your well-being with luxury yoga retreat to retain a feeling of calm throughout your stay. Enjoy relaxing in lap of nature itself and enjoy friendship with like-minded people. Recharge your energetic batteries and truly rejuvenate your body and mind to restore long cheerful, refreshed, and peaceful consciousness.

Come together in a light hearted environment away from your frenzied lifestyle, Noise/air pollution & step towards healthy yogic lifestyle to uphold your power & reconnect with your interior self.


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