Why I decided to Transform my body

Well I always wanted to fulfill my desire but when I see myself I get really depressed and start thinking that why I am that fat and it makes me so sad.
Transformation Story - Aviral Sharma

 How I Accomplished My Goals (How I lost 35 kgs weight)

The reality is that there is no finish line in weight loss, because in maintenance, the journey continues. But I am so looking forward to finding out what the future holds for me. I am in better health and have more energy than I ever had in my entire life. I found the person I was meant to be and continue to build the life that I deserve to live. It has been a slow and steady process for me. It has been a struggle. At the end of the day, I may have been through a lot, but I have accomplished a lot, too.

How I feel or what I achieved after transformation story

On 3 feb 2017 I checked my weight it was 102 kg that time,Suddenly I decided that I am gonna loose them.

My exercise started with just standing up and sitting back down at first. I remember my legs were sore from standing. I couldn’t wait to sit back down. I also felt like I accomplished something every time I completed a few minutes of standing. I then began taking more steps each day. After about a month, I started my journey to walk 2 km. It took me 15 days to be able to complete a 2 km walk.After that I started walking 3 km daily for 2-3 months then I started feeling comfortable to walk I started walking 7 km daily plus a proper diet the food with high protein and fibres and I started avoiding junk food and keeping myself busy on other work to avoid those food.

Suggestions For Aspiring Transformers

Understand that it’s totally okay to reach a plateau in your weight loss, The reasons could be your body’s natural reaction, or it could mean you’ve loosened up on the good habits you’ve developed. Either way, break through by keeping at it and increasing your exercise. Just be patient, and you will make your goal!

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